Special Works

Enterprise & Employment Support.

This is a Special Works Conference which is comprised of professional and business people with a range of expertise in many disciplines. These are made available to people who are planning to set-up a small enterprise. Advice is given in the formulation of a business plan in its various aspects. Sometimes, limited financial support by way of grant or repayable loan is given or acting as guarantor for a loan provided by a bank, for instance. In the initial phase of a new enterprise, members monitor the development of a project.

Third Level Grants

The complexity of the various education grants provided from official sources, such as the VEC, Co. Councils and Dept of Social Protection, coupled with the different qualifying criteria, combine to present a formidable challenge to individual visitation conferences.

In that context, Clare SVP Area Board decided in 2010 to centralise the processing of all Training, Further Education & Third Level grant applications.

To this end a sub-committee of this conference was given responsibility for providing financial assistance (as appropriate) to persons undertaking vocational training, further education, PLC (post leaving cert.) and third level courses up to FETAC Level 7 (primary degree).

Applicants, in the main, are non-nationals who are not eligible for the normal State grants also participants in part-time courses, who similarly do not qualify for assistance.

The sub-committee has established good working relationships with the relevant Grant Application Officials in the VEC, Co.Council and Dept. of Social Protection as well as the Access Offices of nearby Universities and ITs.

The new system has introduced a desirable level of uniformity and consistency in decisions taken and the level of grants awarded.

Finally, there is an Ennis Hospital Visitation Group operating under the aegis of this conference.